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Roofing is one factor of Attleboro Massachusetts home maintenance that is regularly and dangerously overlooked. It is the first line of defense our homes have against the elements but it’s one of the things we most often overlook when we consider the repairs on our houses.


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When it comes to repairing or replacing Attleboro roofs you should never try to do it yourself unless you really know exactly what you are doing. For most of us we need to get in contact with roofers who know the job inside out and can complete the work professionally. Hiring a contractor for any type of work can be difficult, and there are often so many roofers in one area that it can seem even more difficult.


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Look for Attleboro roofers with experience.

If you have something specific in mind for your Massachusetts roof or you need a specialist job doing then try to find several roofers who have knowledge in that area. This way you can be absolutely certain that they will know what they are doing when it comes to your house. If you have a relatively simple job you need doing then you may want to consider using a company that employs new roofers. This will give them the opportunity for work experience and you will normally be afforded improved rates.

Roofers portfolios.

Ask to see the portfolios or a list of referees that are willing to give a reference about the roofers you intend to use. Most companies that offer this service will be able to give you references that are relevant to the area of work you require. This shows that they are not only a trustworthy company but a company who has the relevant experience in the proper areas of the job.

Accurate quoting.

You should always try to find roofers that give accurate quotes. Some companies may provide a quote but then hit you with hidden or extra, unexpected invoices. You don’t get caught out by either of these happening as it can be a nasty surprise to find that if you don’t pay the extra you don’t get the work done. Most roofers are very fair with regards to the quotes they give and will set everything out in a legible and understandable manner. The more see through a quote is the more chance there is that it will remain accurate when it comes time to pay.


Let’s be honest, if you knew how to fit a new roof you would probably do it yourself and the reason people employ professional roofers is because they know exactly what they are doing. Professional roofers are also aware of the latest techniques and materials that can be used and the latest regulations that must be adhered to. By using roofers who are up to date in the methods they employ and the materials they use you can be sure that you will be getting top class work done with goods that won’t perish in only a couple of years.

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Roofing - Common FAQ Sheet


For business owners and those in industrial complexes, roofing needs are often vastly different from those of homeowners in residential areas. For these consumers, commercial roofers are the ones to call, as they specialize in the specific types of roofs found on business and industrial structures.

Flat roofs are quite common in industrial areas and are the expertise of many commercial roofers. Due to the obvious possible drainage issues inherent in flat roofs, you are advised against hiring novice or residential-only companies. Special tools, materials and engineering are required to properly repair or replace these types of roofs.

Low slope roofs are commonly called flat roofs, but there is a difference. Low slope roofs obviously do have some sort of a slope, however slight. They have an advantage over flat roofs in that any slope at all aids greatly in run off and drainage.

Hot tar roofing is commonly used in business complexes. It is usually the most economical as well. Hot tar roofs are applied by alternating the tar substance with weatherproof shields and topped with gravel. Mainly used for aesthetics, the gravel also acts as a protectant from the sun and elements, as well as providing an effective fire-retardant finish.

Metal roofing is increasing in popularity and usage. Barring any destructive disasters, metal roofs typically outlast its property owner. Since they are now available with various enhancements, such as thermal coatings, commercial roofers are finding themselves installing more and more metal roofs than ever before.

Since many rooftops in industrial complexes are actually work zones themselves, or frequently trod upon for observation or gauge control reasons, they require a specific type of roofing material. Modified bitumen is used for high traffic roofs and is created from multi-layers of thick, strong, durable material.

Have you ever heard of a rubber roof? Commercial roofers will not just tell you that they exist, but will also confirm their effectiveness. Liquid rubber roofs are applied with a sprayer, while solid rubber roofing is installed by a professional. The durability and 'give' that rubber offers makes it a long-lasting and weather resistant option, particularly for flat roofs where leakage threatens.

Commercial roofers have the experience and materials to provide the safest and most efficient roofing available. To locate one in your area, perform on online search, check the Better Business Bureau for ratings in your region, or contact your local real estate office that specializes in industrial or new construction for business development.